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Our Process


Through assessments of behavioral, social, communication, adaptive skills and other areas of development, we are able to determine the needs of each unique individual and create a treatment plan.

Individual Therapy

We provide intensive 1:1 therapy rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis to teach new skills. We create and implement detailed treatment plans for skills acquisition to reduce behaviors of concern. Our treatment plans may include play based therapy using Natural Environment Teaching, communication training, and community inclusion with structured goals. 

Family Support

With our embedded parent practice program, we provide on site parent training and coaching to all family members on how to implement the plan, respond to behaviors of concern and continue the learning process beyond therapy sessions.

Adaptive Skills Training

We  provide support with helping children increase daily living skills including toilet training, feeding and other adaptive skills. 

School Consultation and Support

We provide support to children who are transitioning to a school setting or who may be facing challenges at school. We conduct functional behavior assessments to develop a behavior intervention plan to assist the school personnel. We also provide teacher support upon request. 

Generalization of Skills

We provide support with helping children generalize the skills they learn across different environments, people, and situations.

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Virtual Consultations

We provide virtual consultations for immediate support with behavior change for parents, children and family members. These sessions can provide clarity and direction on how to address behaviors and improve skills. 

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